Bubble Activities in Galway

Bubble Activities in Galway

Where Are the Bubble Activities in Galway Based?

Our bubble activities in Galway are based on outdoor 3G pitches or indoor sports venues like leisure centres. We do this so that there is plenty of room for you and your group to play your event and so that you can get the most out of your event. Each venue is just outside Galway’s city centre and would only be a short drive away. This is perfect because then you can easily fit your activity into the rest of your plans for that day.

Our Galway Zorb Bubble Experiences

Bubble Football

If you are a group who loves playing a 5-a-side football game, you will love Bubble Football in Galway. It’s the perfect experience to add something fun and competitive to the event. You will all be in zorb suits and go head-to-head in a football game. The bubble suits will make playing much more challenging as you bash, crash, and tackle your way through the experience.

Bubble Mayhen

The exciting Bubble Mayhen in Galway is more suited to hen parties as it includes a Mr & Mrs quiz at halftime. As well as that, you will be encased inside of a zorb bubble suit, and whilst inside, you will participate in a range of fun and sporty minigames. It will bring out your competitiveness in this unique hen fun!

Bubble Mayhem

With the Bubble Mayhem in Galway experience, you can take part in a unique experience involving you being encased inside an orb-shaped suit. You will take part in various minigames like bulldogs and relay races that will bring out your competitive side.