Stag Do Activities on a Budget

Cheap Stag Do Ideas

We all know that weddings are expensive, but so can be the last weekend of freedom if you don’t set a budget!

The stag celebrations are a way to get together with the lads for one final blowout before the big day but doing this can be difficult if money is tight or you’re pinching the pennies to save up for the honeymoon. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a great time! We’ve put together a list of some brilliantly cheap stag do ideas for you to check out to make your last weekend of freedom a memorable occasion.

1. Pub Golf

Price: £

Cheap Stag Do Ideas - Pub Golf

Taking the lads ‘round the local boozers for a game of Pub Golf doesn’t have to be an expensive adventure! All you’ll need for this cheap stag do idea is a set of rules, some golfing gear and at least 9 or 18 pubs to visit. You’ll first decide on what the par and drink is for each course. The par number is maximum number of sips/gulps you’re allowed to take to finish your drink… with the lowest scorers being the most successful. If you need to read up on the rules some more, check out the link.

2. Bubble Football

Price: ££

Cheap Stag Do Ideas - Bubble Football

Very different to your usual kickabout, bubble football is one of those cheap stag do ideas that everyone will thank you for, trust us! Taking place at a mixed-use sports facility like PowerLeague or Goals, you’ll get to jump into some gigantic inflatable bubble suits before going head-to-head in a variety of hilarious footy minigames! With an activity co-ordinator to host you on the day, this is a brilliant way to make memories with the boys without breaking the bank.

3. Shark Attack Drinking Game

Price: £

Cheap Stag Do Ideas - Shark Attack

Similar to pub golf, this is one of those simple and cheap stag do ideas that all the lads will love. Dedicating one person in the group to be the “Shark-Spotter”, when everyone else hears him cry “SHARK!”, you’ll need to scramble fast to get your feet off the ground. The last person to get off the floor will need to take a forfeit… but we’ll leave that up to you to decide!

4. Escape Rooms

Price: ££

Cheap Stag Do Ideas - Escape Rooms

If you’re looking for cheap stag do ideas that are a bit different, then why not challenge yourselves with a fantastic escape rooms experience? You’ll find these in many towns and cities across the country and certainly won’t break the bank when it comes to prices. Usually offering a range of different themes for you to choose from, the premise of the activity is to find cryptic clues, solve riddles and complete challenges as fast as you can in a bid to escape before time runs out!

5. Visit Local Attractions

Price: £

Cheap Stag Do Ideas - Visit Local Attractions

What’s great about many of our towns and cities is that they’re packed full of cool and interesting attractions, many of which don’t even cost a penny. Cities like Liverpool, London and Manchester are particularly good when it comes to free attractions like museums and art galleries, but even if that’s not your thing, we recommend checking on Google Maps too see what’s going on in your area.

6. Beer Babes Bar Crawl

Price: ££

Cheap Stag Do Ideas - Beer Babes Bar Crawl

Going on a bar crawl is fun in itself… but a beer babes bar crawl will be sure to take your big night out to a new level! For this event, you and the lads will be joined by 2-4 chaperones who will play drinking games with the group, issue forfeits and collect the kitty for drinks during the night. They’ll take you round some of the best bars in town with free shots on arrival before finally taking you to a lively nightclub where you can finish off your night with free entry included.

7. 5-a-Side Football

Price: £

Cheap Stag Do Ideas - 5-a-side Football

Perfect if you’re hosting your celebrations in the spring or summer, hosting a game of 5-a-side with the lads is a great way to get out and get active on your last weekend of freedom! Whether you choose to book in at a sports venue like Goals or PowerLeague or just host it at a local park, this is one of those budget stag do ideas that everyone will love and won’t break the bank.

8. Sports Bar Experience

Price: £

Cheap Stag Do Ideas - Sports Bar Experience

There’s no doubt that you’ll be heading to plenty of pubs and bars on your last weekend of freedom but booking in a sports bar experience is a great way to make it a memorable occasion. Thankfully, there are many great sports bars in towns and cities with great chains like BOX, Boom Battle Bar and NQ64 for the gamers! Just remember that for many of these, you’ll need to book a timeslot to make sure you don’t miss out.

9. Paintballing

Price: ££

Cheap Stag Do Ideas - Paintballing

If fast-paced action and excitement is what you’re after, then paintballing is the way to go! It’s one of those cheap stag do activities that all the lads can get stuck into, even if you’ve never tried it before. With an abundance of places to play across the country, we recommend booking a package that includes plenty of paintballs and maybe even a few paint grenades… just in-case you come up against some really tough opponents!

10. Nude Life Drawing

Price: £

Cheap Stag Do Ideas - Nude Life Drawing

Last but certainly not least is a nude female life drawing class. Probably the cheekiest of all budget stag do ideas! Just as the name suggests, you and the lads will get to learn how to draw and sketch a completely nude female model at a private city centre venue! With an art tutor to guide the session, they’ll introduce you to the model before giving you your art supplies like pencils, sketchbooks and charcoal. Even if you’re not the most creative bunch, you’ll certainly have a memorable time with this activity.

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