What is Bubble Football? We Explain All Here

What is Bubble Football?

Most of us know about this wild and exciting sport that nobody can get enough of, but where did it come from?

From its origins as a fun segment on a Norwegian television show to the present day, bubble football is a wonderfully cooky sport that has taken the world by storm. However, if you’ve never heard of it before, join us as we dive into what exactly bubble football is, how it’s played and why it’s so popular across the globe.

What Actually is Bubble Football?

To sum it up, bubble football is just like a regular football game, except players are wrapped up in gigantic inflatable bubble suits for the duration of the match! Like football, this game is played by two teams who compete to see who can score the most goals. However, instead of playing for 90 minutes, bubble football matches only last 10 minutes, played between two 5-minute halves.

To give you a clearer picture, here's an example of what a typical game of bubble football looks like:

Why is it Called Bubble Football?

To put it simply, bubble football takes its name from the fact that this sport is almost a direct offshoot of regular football. The “bubble” part of the name refers to players’ wearing inflatable zorb suits to participate. Other names for this sport include zorb football, bubble footy and bubble soccer.

How to Play Bubble Football?

Even if you have never tried it before, bubble football is an easy sport for beginners to learn. Just like regular football, the game is played by two teams of five people on a standard 5-a-side pitch. However, unlike football, there are no set positions like goalkeeper and striker, so players must place themselves strategically around the pitch and prepare for lots of running around and chasing the ball.

With each game lasting ten minutes, matches are split into two 5-minute halves, like football with its 45-minute halves. For the duration of the match, the game aims to score as many goals as possible in the opposing team’s net whilst protecting your own from the other team, who will be trying to do the same!

What are the Rules of Bubble Football?

The rules for playing bubble football are not too dissimilar to the rules of football. At the start of the game, the ball will be placed in the centre of the pitch, with members of each team spaced out evenly in their respective halves. When the referee blows the whistle, the two closest players from both teams go head-to-head to get the ball to their teammates. However, players must keep a few elements in mind and remember to avoid being penalised!

What is Bubble Football - Rules, Fouls, Penalties & Violations Infographic

How much does Bubble Football Cost?

As experts in hosting Bubble Football matches, we can arrange a fantastic game for you and the lads for just £24 per person in various cities across the UK, making this activity affordable and accessible to new and existing players. What’s best is that this price includes everything you need on the day, including pitch hire, equipment, and a referee to manage the game.

What is Bubble Football called in Germany?

In Germany, Bubble Football is more commonly called “Loopyball”. The reason for this isn’t entirely clear. Still, we would hazard a guess at the fact that this is a “loopier” version of your usual game of football, considering that players are encased in gigantic bubble suits for the game’s duration!

What is Bubble Football called in the U.S?

In the United States, Bubble Football is predominantly known as bubble soccer. This is because “football” mainly refers to “American Football”, and the use of the word “soccer” is more popular for the sport we are talking about.

Why is Bubble Football also called Bubble Soccer and Zorb Football?

Bubble football is known by many names across the globe, but two of the common names for the sport that you will also hear are “bubble soccer” and “zorb football”. The first is mainly used in countries that refer to football as soccer, such as Canada and the United States. “Zorb Football” is another common name for the sport and refers to the large Zorb balls that players are encased in during the match.

Is there a Bubble Football League?

Unfortunately, there are no officially organised bubble football leagues in operation. However, this could change in the future as this sport continues to grow globally.

Is there a Bubble Football World Cup?

In the past, there has only been one attempt to host a Bubble Football World Cup. This occurred in the summer of 2018 in London, with various international teams participating. At the tournament, countries that took part included the likes of Brazil, Germany, Ireland, and South Africa, to name a few. However, the tournament did not continue after 2018, but this eclectic sport always has the potential to make a barnstorming return sometime in the future.

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