Bubble Activities in Edinburgh

Bubble Activities in Edinburgh

Bubble Football

Bubble Football

  • Venue hire
  • Unbribable referee
  • Inflatable bubble suits
  • Zorb football carnage
  • Was £27.00
  • Now £24.00
£3 off
till 31/05/2024
Bubble Mayhen

Bubble Mayhen

  • Designed For hen parties
  • Fun mini games
  • Events co-ordinator
  • Mr & Mrs Quiz
  • £27.00
Bubble Mayhem

Bubble Mayhem

  • Perfect for All Groups
  • Variety of mini games
  • Bubble suits
  • Event instructor
  • £27.00
Sports Megamix

Sports Megamix

  • Combination of activities
  • Super value for money
  • More fun, more memories
  • Sports day, bubbles, archery
  • £48.00

Where Are the Bubble Activities in Edinburgh Based?

All our bubble activities in Edinburgh are conveniently held at outdoor venues near the city centre, which can sometimes be indoors depending on the unpredictable Scottish weather. There’s always enough room to manoeuvre around in your huge inflatable body suits, regardless of the variety of games you play. You can expect the venues to usually be sports pitches for outside and gym halls for inside. So, whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor activities in Edinburgh, there will be plenty to choose from! Either way, the Scottish capital is a fantastic location for an event, mainly because this city is full of exciting sports bars perfect for relaxing after a day of bubble antics!

Edinburgh Zorb Bubble Experiences

Bubble Football in Edinburgh - Go all out in a unique experience! While suited up in your inflatable suit attire, you’ll play games of 5-a-side competing against your friends, including some challenges like taking turns to shoot into the goals from a distance. Perfect for sports lovers and those who like a hilarious contest!

Bubble Mayhen in Edinburgh - Play a variety of entertaining physical challenges where you can expect plenty of bouncy collisions and rolling around. It is a fun alternative for hen parties where a Mr and Mrs quiz is played during halftime. It will bring out a competitive side to your group.

Bubble Mayhem in Edinburgh - Exactly what it says on the tin, it’s mayhem while everyone in your party is encased inside hilarious round inflatable suits. You will have some hilarious sports themed minigames to get involved in. And it will be much more complicated than you think as you go head-to-head in games like bulldog and relay races.

Sports Megamix in Edinburgh - The ultimate combo for sporty individuals who love a challenge. Mix various top games to create a contest for the ages at the heart of Scotland’s capital with access to a brilliant venue and all the necessary equipment. The event coordinator will always ensure the mix of games runs smoothly and there are no pesky cheaters in your midst.