Bubble Football in Galway

Bubble Football
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  • £33.00

Activity Details

  • Venue hire
  • Unbribable referee
  • Inflatable bubble suits
  • Zorb football carnage

What’s Included in the Bubble Football in Galway?

With zorb suits, a football pitch, and an events coordinator you will be able to enjoy a completely unique and extremely memorable football experience. After a quick safety briefing you will be able to jump straight into all of the fun. The aim of the game is to try and score more goals than the opposing team…easy right? Wrong, the difficulty comes when you are trying to look down at the floor to kick the ball, your view is completely obscured by the zorb suits you are encased inside. But of course the whole experience is hilarious and you will feel like you’ve had a right workout from all the bouncing and rolling around the pitch.

What’s Included

  • Total carnage football game
  • 10 inflatable bubble suits
  • Groups of 10-19 players play for 60 minutes
  • 20-24 players play for 90 minutes
  • Match referee to host the event
  • Pitch hire included
  • Variety of games like British Bull Dog

What Equipment is Used in Zorb Football in Galway?

Every zorb football game will have 10 bubble suits included to provide you with a 5 a side game with teams on rotation.

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