Sports Megamix in Manchester

Sports Megamix
  • Sports Megamix
  • Megamix Sports Event
  • Megamix Sports for Hen & Stag Events
  • Bubble Mayhen
  • Megamix Sports Experience
  • Sports Megamix Activities
  • Bubble Mayhem Games
  • £48.00

Activity Details

  • Combination of activities
  • Super value for money
  • More fun, more memories
  • Sports day, bubbles, archery

What to Expect from the Sports Megamix in Manchester?

Regarding this sporty session, you can expect to make many fun memories with your friends as you battle it in teams across two physical activities. There’s a selection of sports themed activities for you to choose from, which will run back to back on the day across a two hour time slot.

An events coordinator will be on hand to keep track of scores, ensure everyone sticks to the rules, and have fun! Collect as many points as possible for your team to be crowned victorious at the end of the session by the events coordinator.

This epic experience will not only give you some light-hearted competitive fun but also save you some money!

What are the benefits?

You'll have double the fun (2 hours instead of 1), all held at the same venue, so less travelling to activities and you'll save a lot of money.

What’s Included

  • More time, more fun, less money
  • Choose any two activities
  • Old school sports day, bubble football, bubble mayhen/m, dodgeball, archery tag, electric shock football, goggle football
  • The activities will be run back to back for a total duration of 2 hours.
  • All the equipment is included
  • Held at the same venue to things easy for you
  • Event co-ordinator to host the event


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