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  • £27.00
Rating 4.9 of 5

Activity Details

  • Designed For hen parties
  • Fun mini games
  • Events co-ordinator
  • Mr & Mrs Quiz

What is the Bubble Mayhen?

A fun activity designed exclusively for hen parties where the group wear large bubble suits and competitive in a series of short games.  Played in a sport venue the 1.55m inflatable balls fully encase your upper body.

Your legs are not covered so you can still run around. The group will then play a variety of mini games designed for hen groups such as bump the bride and jailbreak. Play some hen vs hen competitions as well as last women standing. All the games vary but they all involve crazy bumping and bouncing around.

What’s Included

  • Meet your co-ordinator
  • Run through how the session works
  • Get into the bubble suits
  • Let the games begin
  • Relay races, bull dog, bump the bride, jailbreak
  • Pitch hire included
  • 10 inflatable bubble suits
  • Optional Mr & Mrs Quiz

What Should I Wear to the Bubble Mayhen?

Wear sportswear and trainers, ideally tracksuit bottoms. The activity can be run in all weather, so bring a coat as well as we do use outdoor venues.

Bubble Mayhen vs Bubble Mayhem

They sound similar but they are different. Hen party 'bubble mayhen' has been designed for hen parties whereas bubble mayhem is for any other type of group event. You don’t want to be playing games like bash the bride if it’s a birthday party.

Why are there only 10 bubble suits?

The main reason is that this is an energetic fun hen party activity. After about 5-10mins wearing the bubbles you will want and need a little break. Also the pitches we use are ideal for 10 bubbles, offering plenty of room and space to run, bounce and play the games.

Can I Book Another Activity with Bubble Mayhen?

Yes you can and its very popular.  We offer a Sports Megamix activity which run two activities back to back for 2 hours. So you can pick bubble mayhen followed by school sports day, goggle football, dodgeball etc.

Plus by booking two activities back to back you get a great discount. So 2 hours of fun for a great price.

How Much does Bubble Mayhen Cost?

The price is £27 per person based on a group size of 10 or more people. If your group size is less than 10 people then just contact to discuss.

What locations is Bubble Mayhen available in?

We run the bubble mayhen event across the UK and Europe. Popular regions and cities are Liverpool, Brighton, London, Newcastle, Cardiff, Bristol and Glasgow. Just pick your destination from the drop down option at the top of the page.


Write a review

    Overall Experience
Rating 5.0
28th July 2022
5 stars for me
Rating 5.0
Caroline S
19th July 2022
Hilarious games played. Was one of the highlights of the hen weekend
Rating 5.0
Lucy D
27th June 2022
The videos we made from the bumping and messing around are priceless. Never done anything so bonkers before
Rating 5.0
Bubble Games
6th May 2022
Really unique experience in zorb suits. We played about 5 different games. Would I do it again, absolutely!
Rating 5.0
8th April 2022
Would of given the guy on the day a huge hug. He made my friends afternoon very special for her, kept on getting her involved and reminding me to take photos. Can't remember his name but hopefully all the guys are like him
Rating 5.0
Sam R
3rd March 2020
My sisters hen do, so thought we'd try the bubble mayhen. Hilarious bashing carnage is the only way I can describe it. I've never laughed so much. Wear leggings as your knees will be rubbing on the ground
Rating 5.0
Jessica P
25th February 2020
Thought it was brilliant fun.
Maybe the host could of been a bit more fun. He was ok but I would of liked him to be more upbeat.
For my sisters hen party, the bubble games was the best event.
Rating 5.0
Tess S
9th February 2020
Really funny activity with the girls. Instructor was called Tom who was lovely and kept us under control
Rating 5.0
Alice B
21st January 2020
Thank you for arranging the bubble mayhen game. The bride to be was very surprised with what we had chosen.