What is Zorbing?

What is Zorbing?

Have you ever wanted to feel like a hamster in a ball, running around and rolling down hills? Well, now you can with zorbing!

Zorbing is an adventure activity where you can climb inside a giant inflatable ball and roll around to your heart’s content, and its great fun for children and adults alike! In this article, we will tell you everything you could know about zorbing.

What is Zorbing?

Zorbing is an adventure activity that involves getting inside a giant inflatable ball and rolling down a hill. The ball is usually made of PVC or TPU and is transparent so that you can see out but not be seen by others. There are two types of zorbing: land zorbing and water zorbing. As the names suggest, the former takes place on land, and the latter can take place in a pool or lake.

What is Aqua Zorbing?

Like Land Zorbing, Aqua Zorbing (or “water zorbing”) occurs on a body of water, usually a reservoir, lake, or pool. However, unlike land zorbing, this version of zorbing allows you to experience what it’s like to walk on water! Another form of aqua zorbing includes water inside the zorb, stopping the rider from disorientation when rolling downhill.

Where was Zorbing Invented?

Whilst the actual origins of zorbing are patchy, the first concept for this activity can best be attributed to the legendary television series “Gladiators”, which ran for most of the 1990s and early 2000s. In the show, the Gladiators competed in a game called “Atlaspheres”, where the competitors would battle it out whilst encased in gigantic steel cage balls.

Then in 1994, a company based in New Zealand named ZORB Limited was the first to commercialise this idea, creating human-sized plastic zorbs for commercial and recreational use. Then, with the word “Zorb” making it into the Oxford English Dictionary in 2001, this activity solidified its place in the history books.

What is Zorbing - Aqua Zorbing

Is Zorbing Safe?

Yes, zorbing is perfectly safe! As you will be encased entirely in an airtight and waterproof plastic bubble, there's no danger of falling out. The balls are also made from durable materials that won't pop or leak. However, following the safety instructions when using a zorb is essential. For example, don't roll down a hill if it's too steep or if there are obstacles. It’s also worth mentioning that you should stay hydrated.

Is Zorbing for Two People or One?

If you want to experience the thrill of zorbing with a friend or family member, buying a two-person zorb is a fantastic idea worth considering. These are slightly larger than the single-person zorbs and have enough space so that you can both fit inside comfortably.

How Fast Do Zorbs go Downhill?

Depending on how fast you’re going and how steep the incline is, zorbs can pick up an unbelievable amount of speed when rolling downhill. The fastest ever recorded time for downhill zorbing was done by New Zealander Keith Kolver, who reached a whopping speed of 32 miles per hour (52 Km/h).

Can you get Dizzy from Zorbing?

Yes, you certainly can. Because you will be bouncing and rolling around inside the zorb, it’s essential to know your limits when it comes to this activity, so if you’re not feeling too well after lots of rolling and bouncing, it might be time to take a break.

However, one way to combat this is by using an aqua zorb - With a small amount of water in the zorb with the user; it helps to keep them upright and avoid dizziness when speeding down a hill!

What do you wear for Zorbing?

We highly recommend wearing sporty clothes if you want to participate in some zorbing yourself. Because you will be doing lots of running around and inside a giant plastic bubble, it will likely get warm inside the zorb! Shorts and T-shirts are best for this activity, but gym leggings or cycling shorts would also suffice.

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Is Human Hamster Balling the same as Zorbing?

Almost, but not quite! With human hamster balling, those participating will be wrapped up inside an inflatable zorb. But, instead of running down hills or across bodies of water, human hamster balling involves some kind of maze for you to navigate.

World Records in Zorbing

Since the inception of this unique and exciting activity, there have been several Zorbing world records made across the globe, with these three records being the most significant:

Longest Distance (Single Roll) - 570 metres (1,870 ft) - Steve Camp (South Africa)

Fastest Speed - 32 Miles per Hour (52 KM/h) - Keith Kolver (New Zealand)

Fastest 100m Sprint (330ft) - 23.21 seconds - James Duggan (Ireland)

Final Thoughts

Zorbing is an exciting adventure activity perfect for children and adults alike. Why not try zorbing if you're looking for something different on your next holiday or day trip? Just make sure to follow the safety instructions and have lots of fun!

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