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Play Bubble Football

  • £27.00
Rating 4.9 of 5

Activity Details

  • Venue hire
  • Unbribable referee
  • Inflatable bubble suits
  • Zorb football carnage

What is Bubble Football?

Bubble football is a relatively new craze. Players wear a 1.55m bubble suit that is fully inflated to cover your upper body. Your legs are still able to move freely whilst wearing the zorb. Then you will split into two teams of 5 ready to play a game of 5 a side football. The aim of bubble football is to try and score goals, however there will be a twist of carnage. Smash into the other players in your bubble football suits and bounce them out of the way. Great for stag weekends and football fans.

What’s Included

  • Total carnage football game
  • 10 inflatable bubble suits
  • Groups of 10-19 players play for 60 minutes
  • 20-24 players play for 90 minutes
  • Match referee to host the event
  • Pitch hire included
  • Variety of games like British Bull Dog

Bubble Football Frequently Asked Questions

Bubble Football or Zorb Football?

You will have come across these terms many times but what’s the difference?

There is no difference. Bubble football is the official name of the sport but its also known as Zorb football or zorball. You may also hear some people call this sport bumper football, which makes sense since you are bouncing and bumping your way around the football pitch!

How Does Bubble Football Work?

Bubble football will start with a small warmup and briefing on how the session is run.  Then each player safely gets into an inflatable bubble suit with straps for the shoulders. You don’t need to worry about hiring suits we sort that out for you! Your top half is encased in the bubble football suits while your legs poke out of the bottom so you can keep moving! With bubble soccer you’ll play a classic game of 5-a-side football with a few mini games thrown.

What Do You Wear for Bubble Football?

We suggest you bring sportswear like tracksuit bottoms and trainers. Football boots or inappropriate footwear are not allowed for the safety of others taking part. As most of the venues are outdoor, remember to bring a coat or waterproof. Even if you feel like a human bubble you will want to ensure you are dressed correctly.

Is Zorb Football a Good activity for a Stag Do?

Most of our bookings of zorb football are stag parties or groups of lads who love active sport. Not for the fair hearted these football bubbles will certainly get you in the mood for a few drinks on the stag night. Check out some hilarious bubble football videos so you know what your getting in to.

What Bubble Football Equipment is Used?

The equipment we use for bubble soccer is usually at least 10 inflatable bubble suits, a set of goals, a football and a referee to keep everything running smoothly!

Where Can I Play Bubble Football?

We can provide zorb football throughout the entire UK using outdoor venues like 3G pitches and indoor venues such as leisure centres. Like most sport venues they are either just off the city centre or within a few miles. The bubble football hire and venue hire is all included in one price for your group!

Where Can I Play Bubble Football?

Did FC Barcelona & Lionel Messi Play Bubble Football?

Yes they did. The majority of the first team played the game and smashed into each whilst also performing some unbelievable tekkers.

Is Bubble Football Real?

Yes it is.  Its one of our most popular activities.

Who Can Take Part in Zorb Football?

Lucky for you, bubble football is a mainly all-inclusive event that everyone can get stuck into.  Whether that is a group of lads, stag party, hen do or team event. Children can participate in bubble ball UK, however it’s important that you let us know at the time of booking as kids use a different bubble suit.

What Is the Origin of Bubble Football? Is it Real?

Yes, bubble football is real. For some background, bubble football first originated in Scandinavia. It first appeared on a TV show Golden Goal by Norwegians Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden. The popularity excelled in the UK and is especially popular with stag parties and groups of football lovers. Although you may feel like you are an extremely skilled footballer, playing football in bubbles is a lot harder than it looks! UK bubble football events are run in the 1000’s across the whole country. For a further reading on its history read Wikipedia here.

How do you get in a Zorb Ball?

After it's been inflated, you simply lay the bubble suit on the ground, climb in and put your arms through the straps provided.  Then move so you are on your knees and stand up.  At first it feels strange but your body will adjust to the extra weight and balance itself.


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    Overall Experience
Rating 5.0
Emma Thomas
5th August 2021
Can't fault the customer service I received. Emily helped me decide the best time to book the zorb football for the stag do.
Rating 5.0
Bobby W
26th July 2021
Superb from start to finish :)
Rating 5.0
Mark Walters
2nd July 2021
Better than I thought it was going to be. The bubble suits are heavy but ok for short mini games. Some of the lads are massive but the event organiser just took a bit of air out of the bubble suit and it fitted them.
Rating 5.0
Roger Whity
4th May 2021
Was part of my mates stag do. Thought it was run well on the day. We played a series of mini games instead of one big match
Rating 4.0
Greg Barton
22nd April 2021
Used their online booking to pay the deposit and then invited all the lads to pay online. Very easy and saved a lot of time.
I did get a few sales emails, nothing to pushy but maybe a few to many for me.
Rating 5.0
Toni Mich
29th March 2021
Well organised and fun. Would recommend
Rating 5.0
Peter Y
24th February 2020
Smashed the stag many times! 5 stars for me :)
Rating 5.0
Jon L
12th February 2020
Venue was a 5 a side football pitch with dressing room and a bar, which the stag group used in all.
Booking was simple and the customer service was excellent
Rating 5.0
Simon PW
15th November 2019
Customer service was excellent, responded to all my emails and calls. The event was a success, can't remember much from the stag weekend, sorry.
Rating 5.0
Thomas K
12th November 2019
Cheers for sorting the zorb football for our stag do. Would recommend it again.