The 24 Best UK Stag Do Destinations

24 Best Stag Do Locations in the UK

Planning your last weekend of freedom but still unsure where to go for it? Then this list of the best UK stag do locations will be sure to help you out

It’s not news to hear that the UK is jam-packed full of lively and exciting cities that would make for a great night out on your last weekend of freedom. It’s all good and well staying in your local boozer, but if you are thinking about heading somewhere new and unique for your big celebration, these UK stag do locations are well worth looking at!


Pros: The Nightlife

Cons: The cold northern weather!

Best Stag Do Locations UK - Newcastle

Unsurprisingly, Newcastle is the stuff of legends regarding the best UK stag do locations! First, this city is best known for its wild nightlife scene, immortalised by the hit MTV series Geordie Shore. And having such a large student population, this city remains one of the country’s best places to take the lads on a night out, with most bars and clubs centred around the infamous “Diamond Strip”.


Pros: Great for music-lovers!

Cons: You probably won't meet Paul McCartney. Sorry!

Best Stag Do Locations UK - Liverpool

Tucked away in the northwestern corner of England, Liverpool is also a wise choice if you’re looking for lots of variety when it comes to your last night of freedom. With many of the city’s best bars and nightclubs centred around Concert Square and the famous Matthew Street, there are plenty of fun and exciting things to see and do during the day.


Pros: The Welsh know how to have a good party!

Cons: One of the lads will probably think he needs his passport

Best Stag Do Locations UK - Cardiff

Taking the lads to Cardiff, the bustling capital of Wales, is an excellent idea if you’re from the Midlands or Southern England, as it’s only a few hour’s drive away from cities like London and Birmingham. Much like the other cities we’ve already mentioned, this place also boasts a huge student population, meaning that you can expect to find an abundance of clubs and bars to explore and enjoy on your last night of freedom.


Pros: Drink and celebrate by the beach

Cons: It's Britain - It'll probably rain

Best Stag Do Locations UK - Brighton

Situated on the south coast just an hour’s drive from the capital, Brighton is a brilliant place to spend the last weekend of freedom if you’re looking to party by the seaside. Perfect if you’re planning on hosting your celebrations during the summer, this city boasts a huge beach, pier, and plenty of bars and nightclubs on the seafront tucked away in the Georgian streets behind it.


Pros: Lots of stuff to do during the day and at night

Cons: You'll struggle to agree on where to go for your night out

Best Stag Do Locations UK - Manchester

Unofficially known as the “capital of the North”, Manchester is an excellent UK stag do location if the lads are all based in Northern England or the Midlands, as it’s so quick and easy to reach the city via train. When celebrating the last night of freedom, you and the lads would be stuck for choice as there are plenty of great areas in the city to spend a night out, such as Deansgate, Printworks and the Northern Quarter.


Pros: Known for its great banter

Cons: Good luck understanding the local slang!

Best Stag Do Locations UK - Leeds

Further north, the vibrant city of Leeds is another fantastic UK stag do location if you’re looking for somewhere that offers lots of stuff to do both during the day and at night. Being one of the biggest cities in the country, it should come as no surprise that the city’s four universities make this a great place to enjoy many exciting bars and clubs. Being in Yorkshire, you’re never more than a short drive away from the countryside!


Pros: Endless stuff to do at all hours of the day

Cons: Brace yourself for London prices - ouch.

Best Stag Do Locations UK - London

If you’re looking for a city that does offer everything, then London is probably the crown of all UK stag do locations. Easily reachable from the rest of the country, the city has more than a handful of great places to have a night out, like Covent Garden, Central and Shoreditch, as well as some of the world’s best entertainment & shopping complexes like the O2 and Stratford Westfield.


Pros: Easy to reach if you're travelling from across the country

Cons: There will be someone who thinks it's the north

Best Stag Do Locations UK - Birmingham

Favourably known as England’s “Second City”, Birmingham is one of those stag do locations that’s great if you’re looking to meet up with your mates from other parts of the country as it’s conveniently located in the heart of the country. With great places to drink and party like Broad Street and brilliant places to explore during the day like Star City and the Bullring, you’ll struggle to find some free time if you take the lads here, that’s for sure.


Pros: Fantastic nightlife scene, especially if you like DnB

Cons: The endless hills!

Best Stag Do Locations UK - Sheffield

Another one of Northern England’s popular and lively cities that makes for a fantastic UK stag do location, Sheffield is best known for its contributions to music, producing world-renowned bands and artists like The Human League, Pulp and Arctic Monkeys, to name but a few. Regarding the last night of freedom, you’ll be spoilt with choice regarding fantastic bars and nightclubs, so if you’re after a wild night out like no other, this city is well worth thinking about.


Pros: Underrated nightlife

Cons: You might need to book ahead to get into Hooters!

Best Stag Do Locations UK - Nottingham

Although this might not be the first UK stag, do destination you think of, Nottingham is still a massively popular place for groups of lads to flock to for their last weekend of freedom. With significant nightlife areas in the city centre like Pelham and Carlton Street, this city is infamous for having the country's first and only Hooters bar!


Pros: Very affordable drinks prices in most places

Cons: Bars are spread out across the city, so prepare to walk!

Best Stag Do Locations UK - Leicester

Just south of the last entry on this list, Leicester is a large and lively city on-par with many of the other stag do destinations we’ve already mentioned. That’s because this city not only has a great nightlife scene backed by its student population but also has lots of stuff to see and do during the day, like the National Space Centre and the Highcross shopping complex.


Pros: Perfect for art and music-lovers alike

Cons: The cider will get you sloshed, that's a guarantee

Best Stag Do Locations UK - Bristol

One of England’s most famous maritime cities, Bristol makes for a brilliant place to take the lads on your last weekend of freedom. Popularised by the hit TV series “Skins”, this city is nothing short of crazy when it comes to the nightlife scene. Known for its art and culture, you won’t struggle to find any cool or eclectic places to spend a night out or enjoy a few pints on a weekend away here!


Pros: The liveliest nightlife in all of Scotland

Cons: You might struggle to understand the accent!

Best Stag Do Locations UK - Edinburgh

The bustling and exciting Scottish capital Edinburgh is also one of those stags do locations you can’t overlook! Although this is one of those places that would take some organising to get to, it’s all worth it because this city boasts the best nightlife scene in Scotland and offers many things to see and do during the day, like Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile.


Pros: The warmer climate of the South coast

Cons: Getting around the city can be a pain, so be sure to plan ahead

Best Stag Do Locations UK - Portsmouth

Situated on the south coast of England, Portsmouth is easily reachable from most places in the south of the country, especially the capital. Like many other UK stag do locations, the city has a lively and exciting nightlife scene and great places to explore during the day, like Gunwharf Quays and the Historic Dockyard.


Pros: Quaint and compact city centre with lots of historic buildings

Cons: Public transport isn’t great, so taxis will be your port-of-call!

Best Stag Do Locations UK - York

An ancient Roman city tucked away in the throws of the Dales is York, another brilliant UK stag do destination worth considering if you’re looking for somewhere eclectic and unique to spend your last weekend of freedom. Rich in history, this city also makes for a great place to go for a night out with lively areas such as Fossgate and Swinegate, to name a few!


Pros: A massively underrated nightlife scene

Cons: You’ll need to travel by boat or plane to get here!

Best Stag Do Locations UK - Belfast

Known for being the capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast is a great UK stag do destination if you’re looking to head somewhere new and exciting for your last weekend of freedom. Aside from the city’s excellent nightlife scene, you could always make this trip a long weekend by arranging an overnight ferry from one of Britain’s ports, giving yourselves two extra nights of partying on the way there and back!


Pros: Tonnes of exciting bars to enjoy on a night out

Cons: Prepare for some pretty strict dress codes

Best Stag Do Locations UK - Chester

Another top city to consider for your last weekend of freedom is Chester. Known for its rich history and Roman heritage, this city has many fantastic late-night bars throughout the city centre and a couple of great nightclubs that would be perfect to finish your night out at. With the Cheshire Oaks shopping park nearby and plenty of amenities in the city centre during the day, we highly recommend coming here for your last weekend of freedom!


Pros: A lively student nightlife thanks to the famous university

Cons: It's relatively small compared to many other cities in the UK

Best Stag Do Locations UK - Oxford

Famous for its university and stunning architecture, Oxford makes for a fantastic UK stag do location. Despite being smaller than most other destinations we’ve already mentioned, this city really does pack a punch when it comes to hosting a great night out, with most of the best bars and nightclubs around the city centre’s High Street.


Pros: Most bars and clubs are situated around the city’s castle - easy to reach

Cons: Getting here from other parts of the country can take a while

Best Stag Do Locations UK - Norwich

The county town of Norfolk, Norwich, is a city that’s worth considering for your last weekend of freedom. Most famous for the gigantic Norman castle in the heart of the city centre, you’ll find most of the city’s best nightlife hotspots circled around it, meaning you won’t be far away from the next best place to drink and party on your big night out!


Pros: Not as busy as many other towns and cities in the UK

Cons: Lack of late-night bars and nightclubs

Best Stag Do Locations UK - Windsor

Known as the Royal Town, Windsor is a bit of a wildcard regarding UK stag do locations because it’s a lot smaller than most other places we’ve already listed here. However, it still has a handful of great nightclubs and plenty of excellent pubs to enjoy on a night out. If you’re not looking for a clubbing experience, this town might be the perfect place for your last weekend of freedom.


Pros: The Scots know how to party late into the night

Cons: The cold highland weather - even in August it can get windy!

Best Stag Do Locations UK - Aberdeen

Known as the “Granite City” of Scotland, Aberdeen may be far away from most other places in the country, but it certainly packs a punch when it comes to being a great UK stag do location! The city has a massive university, meaning that the nightlife scene here is close to rivalling Glasgow and Edinburgh. What’s best is that in the summer months, you can head straight to the beach from the city centre in no time!


Pros: Unique and characterful city centre

Cons: Nightlife isn’t as bustling as it is in a lot of other similar-sized cities

Best Stag Do Locations UK - Cambridge

Another massively popular UK stag do location, Cambridge has a bit of everything for all to enjoy. Of course, this city is best known for its university and consequent nightlife scene, but it also offers some unique features not found anywhere else in the country - Fancy some punting and a few pints, lads?


Pros: Legendary nightlife - Even Prince William went on a stag here!

Cons: The cold British sea is a little too close for comfort when staggering home

Best Stag Do Locations UK - Blackpool

Probably the unsung hero of UK stag do destinations, a final weekend of freedom in Blackpool is for those looking for a proper old-school night out and partying ‘til dawn. With most of the bars and clubs situated along the seafront and lots of stuff to do during the day, such as Pleasure Beach, spending your last night of freedom here is an occasion you and the lads will never forget, that’s for sure!


Pros: Underrated nightlife - multiple areas to drink and celebrate

Cons: Far from most major cities - can take a while to reach if travelling

Best Stag Do Locations UK - Southampton

Last but certainly not least on this list is Southampton! Found on England’s south coast between Bournemouth and Portsmouth, this maritime city has a great nightlife scene backed by its student population and lots of cool stuff to see and do in the city’s eclectic Cultural Quarter.

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